Failure Is Created by Over Satisfaction

Sankerdas - Winchester, Virginia
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe: The Failure Is Created by Over Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with your own success that you have been working very hard to get it? I can say that everyone will answer “yes” since nobody would be that mad to be dissatisfied with their own success. Everyone wants to be successful in various aspects of life: career, family, business, etc. According to me, however, I think Andy Grove, a former Intel’s Chief Executive Officer, is correct when he said, “Success breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure.”

When it comes to a topic of “success”, most of us will readily agree that one must be dedicated, determined, and hardworking in order to succeed. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on a question of “Don’t you want to have a break to admire your success after having been dedicated to work?” Obviously, many would want to do so. However, since you want to have time to admire your success, you need to pause your progression as this progression is becoming a backward movement. The result will definitely be a failure. Hence, I maintain that we must not be overly-satisfied with our victory; otherwise, we will fail certainly.

Although some might object that people should be satisfied with themselves to be able to see their core success, I reply that I am talking about the over satisfaction of people. Being overly-satisfied is simply separated from satisfaction. Consequently, to strengthen my point of view, I will say that even Thomas Edison, one of greatest inventors and businessmen in the human history, said, “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.”

To give a clearer and simpler example, I will tell that when I was in the college in my country, I received A for all the subjects. I was so proud of it that I, then, stopped studying hard the way I used to do. Partly, I stopped being hardworking because I thought I was good enough for being able to pass the tests without studying hard. I was very haughty at that time; thus, the result was I received D for two subjects in the mid-term exam. Worse still, being given two D’s could not alert me that I had begun my failures, so I kept being lazy until I really failed the subjects. As a result of my pride that I got good grades, I failed such two subjects in the final-exam.

This example still reminds me to study hard all the time although I might be happy with the grades. Besides reminding me, this situation also makes me believe that people should not be overly-satisfied with their success, which will lead them to a failure; instead, they should pretend as if they are not happy with it in order to keep working hard and doing work well. Ultimately, I am confident that both success and failure are uncertain; therefore, one must be aware of the uncertainty and be prepared to face unanticipated events.