I Believe That You should Svae Time For The Restroom

Brandon - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

With a world that is moving faster and faster everyday I believe that you should always save time to go to the rest room.

Starting another sleep deprived day around the hours of five or six only gets more difficult as you can hear the fast pase call of a hard day of work. Not knowing how the changes of a new day will effect your ability to be in control of your life. that is why I believe that

the five to ten minute retreat to the restroom is absolutely necessary to ensure that no one in school, work , or the place where they spend there day has a mental break down. In the restroom you are in complete control, your thought dont have to be caught up in the cage that the school work or job criteria put them in. they are free to roam the high mountians of your mind. Religion, faith, home the directions are endless because there is no one to tell you what to do or what to think. That is why i believe that the restroom is a must have in everyones day because it is your time and no one elses. The restroom will be yours and only yours besides whoo would want to take that time from you it is smelly, gross ,and some times loud. It is like the universe is calling out your name and telling you go to the restroom it is the time i have set for you to enjoy and dont let the weights of the world burden you in here you are all equal in my great reastroom of life. So for all you stressed workers of the system, for all you knowledge seeking children of our futuer, and for all the head hanchos of the work enviorment let the swirling vortex of water releave you of the world so that we can all reach the place of nirvana.