The Things I Carry

Carolyn - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in handbags. I believe in designer ones, inexpensive ones, green ones, orange ones. I believe in leather ones, canvas ones, organic ones, plastic ones. I believe in what they carry for us, or at least what my handbag carries for me. I believe I carry a variety of items that reveal my most unique characteristics. I believe the things I carry are largely determined by my need to be prepared for every situation, realistic or fantasy.

I carry my cell phone, iPhone 3G, in case I receive an SMS or phone call. Also in case I need to use one of the other many features it provides. I carry lip gloss in three varieties for whatever situation I believe I might get myself into. I carry a pen, a silver one, to sign when the cashier fumbles over his or hers. This pen is also used in my brown leather planner that I carry with me all the time so that I know what I have to do each day of my exciting life. In the smaller zip pocket of my handbag, on the right, I hold my more personal items as well as a black non-medal elastic for my hair. I believe that my need to be prepared for every situation requires money, so I carry my wallet. My wallet is a patent leather purple alligator skin with gold lining that I bought during my semester abroad in Italy.

I believe among all of these small yet necessary items I carry my Burberry sunglasses that I received from my aunt for Christmas, which is my favorite holiday. When I put these glasses on I believe that I transform from a young lady who grew up in a small city to a full-blown uptown girl. With the glasses on I believe I can forget about anything that is bothering me- the world situation or other personal issues. I believe when I have these glasses on my handbag becomes lighter and I can refill it with more exciting things such as my future. I begin to carry pictures of all the celebrities I have met through my job somehow related to the fashion industry. I believe I carry hope that I can see other parts of the world though my sunglasses and also see my children splash in the water of my dream vacation spot at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. I believe I carry an incredible longing for success so that I can accompany my sunglasses with the matching handbag and coat.

However I believe I must come inside and take the glasses off. I hear the click of the case close and snap back to reality, where I believe I must search for a way to achieve this fantasy. I believe the things I carry are largely determined my need to live for myself, to be an individual and to live each day like there is no tomorrow. This I believe.