Learning the Season of Giving

David - Worcester, Pennsylvania
Entered on August 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a young kid growing up, nearly nothing could take the excitement from receiving gifts for Christmas. Christmas day seemingly always left me with a giant smirk on my face. However, eventually the excess of giving became a little much for a little boy like myself, as I began to become greedy and unappreciative. If the gift weren’t one I requested I wouldn’t feel much appreciation. My attentive mother noticed an ugly little character flaw and apparently had quite an inventive idea.

She decided that it would be best for me to get no Christmas presents the next year, but the catch was that she would give the money she would have spent on me to buy for my cousins and siblings. It seemed like an utter disaster in my mind, as my favorite holiday just lost all of its appeal. My mom was the Grinch who just stole Christmas.

The next December rolled around and my mom cordially invited me to spend some time with her Christmas shopping. It sounded torturous as I was supposed to spend my day shopping for stuff that I would never get to use. Unfortunately, I had no other choice and I reluctantly made the trip to the mall. Once we got there I had no idea where to even start. I had ten people to buy for and hadn’t the slightest clue of what to get them.

Suddenly what seemed like a daunting task rapidly turned into an exciting duty. If I was going to buy gifts for people I had to make them special. So I started walking in and out of stores just brainstorming of what each person might want. I was at the mall for an entire afternoon and only had half my shopping done, but to my surprise, it was one hell of a day. I thoroughly enjoyed picking through the minds of my family members attempting to bestow upon them the perfect gift and along the way I never realized how much effort really goes into buying gifts. It’s an experience that I had been missing out on and I now find myself ecstatic to give my family members their gifts

I believe that giving gifts to the ones you love is way better than receiving them. Receiving gifts isn’t a bad thing; it just lacks the satisfaction that giving a good gift to someone brings. Although shopping for someone you may not know well may seem like a taxing struggle, I believe many would be surprised that just the thought is what really counts.