Alcohol is a Good Thing

Brandon - Pulaski, New York
Entered on August 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

After several, illegal and legal, years of drinking and consuming alcohol, I have come to realize one thing. Most undoubtedly supported by the leisure time during my years of pursuing a college education, I have found that I believe alcohol is a good thing.

By believing in such a view, I have encountered things that I didn’t have notice I had. Like, more friends, some new and some old; and new tastes, such as the cheapest of cheap beer and the classiest of classy liquor. However, most importantly this has led alcohol to provide me with more than just friends and tastes.

I believe that alcohol is a good thing due to its innate ability to change human emotions. Among these emotions are happiness, sadness, anger and anticipation. It can bring you right into the “let’s party” mode or can make you cry about silly things like grades or old boyfriends and girlfriends. It can also bring anger, like when you lose a silly drinking game or open your wallet the next morning and find the remnants of money leftover from the night before. However, this flow of emotions all starts with the anticipation leading to the first cracked beer or popped bottle.

I believe that alcohol is a good thing as it provides us with different forms of entertainment. The entertainment can be people, like the girl dancing and screaming and bouncing off the walls or the two guys flexing their beer muscles at one another in the front yard. The entertainment can be games, like that game with ping pong balls that no one ever plays or a card game that goes so slow because everyone would rather talk. The entertainment can also be the environments, like the packed bars or the casual weekend backyard gathering.

I believe that alcohol is a good thing because it removes people from their comfort zones. It moves us by giving us more courage to do things that we wouldn’t normally do, like dancing on a bar or stealing a street sign or two. It turns healthy eaters, into greasy, “I wouldn’t touch that when I’m sober” garbage eaters. It lets us say things that we usually wouldn’t dare, like mumbled grievances to the men of law.

After all, alcohol brings new things into our lives, whether it be people or events, or even emotional moments. It also allows us to leave behind what’s normal for us and takes us into new situations. Often in the end, alcohol leaves us with some good memories, err, maybe some bad ones too, or none at all. That’s why I believe alcohol is a good thing.