A Plea to Youth

Marilyn - Payson, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I, like John McCain, have seen the proverbial “three score and ten”, but I want to make a pitch to today’s youth to get involved in our precious democracy, to pay attention, and to vote.

There are many advantages to age and experience they say, and there are. But they don’t tell you that age and experience can also shave down the square corners of idealism and dilute the life blood of the belief in freedom and democracy. We older folks have had years of opportunity to hedge a bit here and ignore a bit there where justice is concerned. The founding fathers were not old men, but men who, seasoned with some life experience, were able to hold high the lamp of liberty and, with great courage, face down tyranny.

Today we do not face the power of a king but instead the corruption of the basis of our liberty, the Constitution. We are not harassed by foreign troops, but are lied to and stolen from by the powerful moneyed interests for whom the “bottom line” is the only criteria of success, the people and the planet be dammed.

But the young, and the young in heart,can still be idealists, can still believe that we can take back our country, can still hold high the lamp of freedom, and the belief in a government that serves the people with their permission and by their direction, and that liberty and justice are for all.

It’s everyone’s future — get into it! Nothing short of an aroused and informed electorate can change things; nothing less than democracy is at stake.