Three Little Birds

Benjamin - Weston, Florida
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In this little song I heard, I listened to it word for word: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Merely a simple, and blatant meaning, but such a truth need not be shrouded in a deep forest of metaphors and illusions. This is a reoccurring theme in Bob Marley’s work, and I can see why it meant so much to him. Not worrying and being happy is what I truly believe in. I feel that this is the cornerstone to how I view the world and act upon it.

In this personal evaluation of my beliefs, I try and prove my credibility. I have gone through tough times of financial struggle and unhappiness, to now, times of enjoyment and a worry free attitude. I haven’t acquired any wealth (that’s for sure), but I have found my three little birds, just like Marley himself. The first one that I found was mental tranquility. I’m not insane, nor was I ever before hand, but I have become what is commonly known as “chill.” I feel this trait has come out in my personality from three years of working with difficult customers at my job and also from my love of dry humor. I feel that just being calm and concise, when it comes to working out a majority of situations is the best way to go. This bit of tranquility has led to my even more important little bird.

My second little bird is happiness. This hasn’t come from getting good grades in school, or any special achievements, just an attitude change. I no longer get angry about little misfortunes; I just laugh and chalk it up to experience. One doesn’t need wealth or a special skill to be happy, just an appreciation for the little things in life. Happiness, as I say comes in many forms. Just being happy in general radiates to others, making them happy, and in turn, it reflects back to those who are happy, making them even happier than before. This happiness led me to see it in its extreme form; love.

This last and final little bird that I have found is the most important to me. My last of the three little birds is love. I’ve never understood why love has been so influential before I’ve actually experienced it, but now I know. There are many different forms of love, but I’ve narrowed it down to two general types; love given by right of birth, and the love that is found. Love of your family is normally one which everyone experiences, and until I realized it, I never considered how much I really do love my family. I feel bad for taking advantage of my families love for so long, but now I greatly appreciate it. As for the love that I have found, this is the most significant point of this whole little bird analogy. Bob Marley found his three little birds on his door step, and I happened to find mine in my AP American history class, in the form of my best friend, and the love of my life; Kristen Hill. His birds sang “Don’t worry about a thing,” mine sang a song that still enchants me today; unconditional love and happiness. “Don’t worry, be happy,” brought me all I ever wanted and all I could ever wish for.