Do What Your Heart Says

Ben - buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

This I believe

Follow your heart, would be my take on life.

I believe that people should have honor in what they do or what they believe in.

Ever since I was in elementary through out my middle school years, I have been prejudge mental about people. During those years the people I would prejudge the most would be skaters and metal/goth people. I would see them pass by me in the red painted walls, from left and right and in my head as they would pass by I would get negative thoughts about them; oh skating is stupid and for losers and metal is for crazy people and will never make it in life.

I would see people everywhere like that dressed up in heavy baggy black jeans with their crazy and wild hair and other people with skateboards and tattoos. I told myself man why do people dress like that why do people do their hair like they just woke up, and why do they ride skateboards never being able to land anything and always breaking a bone, just why I said to myself.

I remember in the sixth grade I got in this argument, with what I would say a goth kid, over why he dressed the way he did how he could listen to music like that. He told me something that would set another standard in my life, “I don’t care about what people think of me, I’m me, I’m myself, I don’t want to follow the crowd and you shouldn’t believe the hype!” He had shutten me down, he defeated me in a war between me and people like him, “wow”, I thought to myself. So I sit there in silence and stare off into space while everybody around me is laughing or either talking about today’s work, but not me, while I’m staring off into space a thought pops up in my head. It was about me when I was younger, before those cold hearted days, “hey I used to listen to rock maybe not as hard as their music is but hey I’m pretty sure that people don’t like my music or the boy who would wear baggy shorts and baggy shirts or sometimes even preppy clothes”, but I didn’t care so why should I care about who people are.

I learned my lesson, I guess that’s usually the way people learn, is if they actually live through it, not by someone telling them or preaching to them. Hey people are people and we all do make mistakes.

The moral of my story is just do what your heart says and you’ll find a lot more happiness in life.