I Believe in Trust

Demi - buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

I Believe in Trust

I believe in Trust. It makes me sad though because that’s hard to come by these days. High school kids are so mischievous now you can’t tell someone something and trust that it won’t go around the school. Or for example airports you just can’t trust that there will be someone who just wants to go to a destination without a dangerous extracurricular activity.

My mom has told me about there was a point in time that she could ride her bike to the river. Now no one would let their child do that now and trust that nothing will happen to them. Also, that didn’t lock their door at night and now you are brave to leave the door unlocked and trust that someone won’t rob them.

I think that trust goes along way with people just because there isn’t a lot of it going around these days. Trust is when you can go somewhere and your parents trust that you’re doing what you told them. Trust is when you can tell you’re best friend or just a friend that you like someone and they won’t go after that person. When you tell a friend your secret and you can trust they’ll keep it. When you don’t have trust you don’t have anything.

I hope that as the years past people well trust more. I believe in trust.