i believe in second chances and trust

Brianna - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Brianna Wood

8-28-08 7th

I believe in second chances and trust

The world we live in today is full of people that have lost other people and don’t

have trust and second chances. Its hard to trust someone and give

them a second chance especially with all the stuff that is happening now days

for example people cheating on each other people stealing from neighbors. A

couple of years ago I met this really nice guy that

went to my school. Me and him started talking and became friends. Eventually

me and him got even closer and became more than friends. I dated him for

about two months before I told my best friend. She was really happy for me

when I told her. So I introduced them to each other. A little while after they met

my friend and boyfriend started acting weird when they were together . So I

sat down with my best friend to see if anything was going on and she told

me that my boyfriend is cheating on me with her. I started crying because

she was my best friend and she asked him out while me and him were

dating. She told me she was sorry and I told her that I couldn’t forgive her or

trust her because of what she did. I felt as if my heart was a vase that fell off the

table and broke into pieces. So I stopped talking with her and stopped dating

him I let them be together. After about 6 months I called my friend and

we talked about what happened and I decided that I was going to forgive

her because that is not worth losing our friendship. So we were hanging out

again and she gave me all of her trust and all of her respect and so we

decided that we would never let a guy come between us and

not to date each others boyfriend while they are dating one of us. I think trusting

her and that giving her a second chance was the best thing I ever did. Because

It shows that I can forgive and can trust her again. After this happened I started

Believing that giving someone that means a lot to u or not a second chance can

make you really happy and them as well and its feels great to forgive and forget

and trust again and give second chances no matter the case. So whenever

something happens try to forgive those people and also let those people have a

second chance because they could use it.