Worlwide notes

andrew - kyle,, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Music is one of the few things that I see in the world today that has very few barriers. Language, subject, and genre are irrelevant. Music has the power to bring people together for purely good and peaceful reasons. No matter what circumstances people are under or what region of the world they call home, music can bring happiness to anyone.

For some, it is a hobby, for others, their passion, yet regardless of its level of importance, it is respected by everyone, everywhere. I personally have a deep passion for music that started years ago. I play electric and acoustic guitar, bass, some keyboard, and am constantly listening to music no matter where I am. For me, music can bring me into a state of peace, whether I am furious or on the brink of tears, once I listen to music I can’t be anything but calm and happy. I love how there is music that is appropriate to listen to for every mood. I love all styles and genres of music. And I will never deny the chance to listen to something new and exciting. My personal collection of music consists of everything from hard metal to acoustic ballads. I believe that everyone in the world could be just a little less stressed or a little calmer if they would just listen to music a little more.

Sometimes, music can even help us to discover and learn new things about ourselves. Every song seems to contain a lesson, and every lesson is interpreted differently by people. Songs can have beautiful stories, tell of struggles, or just be a means of expressing deep emotions. However, regardless of the meanings I always take the time to try to get something new out of a song every time I listen to it.

In the music I write, I try to tell a story, or explain a feeling that I know that I would want to take the time to understand. I hope that the music I make and write makes some people as happy as the music that brings me joy.