Women – The Stronger Gender

Chelsey - Buda Tx 78610, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a woman should never depend on a man. Over the past few years I have seen the fights, the tears, the hurt feelings, the breakdowns, most of all the anger.

I see my mother everyday listening to my father demand her to do whatever he wants just because he’s the “man of the house”. I see her get hurt plenty of times, I have fault at times I get in trouble and she sticks up for me. My father says that she defends me and doesn’t see what im doing, my mother tells him that he is wrong and that’s when he gets mad and tells her that she’s nothing.

The more and more the years go by its just getting annoying dealing with them. I’ve had a mother-daughter conversation with my mom, you know the ones where it’s not awkward until the very end, the ones that takes hours and at the end you feel relieve and kind of embarrassed because you had a deep conversation with your mother. While I had that conversation I have asked her why she puts up with that nonsense, she said “I know I want to, I want to move on with my life” it saddens me to hear that she come to say something like that. Why couldn’t we be that “loving” family? I didn’t really didn’t comprehend a lot of why things are happening. I just knew things weren’t right.

I tell her to do something about it, I see her always down never happy. I asked her why she hasn’t done it and my mom said it’s because she is financially troubled. My father pays for everything so that my mom can’t do anything,

I have heard her threaten him to leave her on the streets to find another way to live because he does not want to deal with her. Oh No! I see that as pathetic why I would ever let a man speak to me like that or to even raise his voice at me. I would be gone in a second Im not the meanest person but im not about to let someone disrespect me as a woman or as a person, this gives me so much motivation to go to school get a degree and makes something out of my life. I Will Never depend on a man to get what I want or do something I want. I believe that woman should never depend on a man