Good Thing

Tevita - driftwood, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Good Things.

Good thing would happen to you. Good, bad, scary, etc. This great experience had or has happen to me. Their was this one day where I was at school. I was in class and this one cute girl that was just making my day. She was just so sweet and kind but short. The next day I went to her and made a conversation with the girl. After a long day and the next day we decided to go out. She was the first girl I had loved in my whole life. It was the most impossible thing I could have made in my life. This was a good thing in my life. And it would happen to you in your life. And just remember that. This experience had inspired me and my whole family. And their was another experience that had happen. This had happen for my uncle Sekope Langi. He had a stroke in 2003. At the time I was living in Hawaii. He was in the hospital and so he had the chance of his own life to call my Mom. After they had talked my mom she came to us and toad us to move to Texas. We were all scared. But then we knew that this help that we are giving to my uncle will save him. So till then he has been a lot better and helping my family. So that was a really Good Thing for him

David Kaufusi