Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Kelley - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that actions speak louder than words. Ask yourself this, “Have you ever looked around the cafeteria and felt sorry for the kid who’s sitting alone, and talked about going to sit with them but never really got around to it?” I know I have at one point or another, but I was just too lazy or maybe I was afraid of what others might think if I went to sit with him or invited him to sit with us. Why do we always feel the need to do what the majority does? I would rather be the one person, who stands out, than the many others who tend to step back and hide amongst the crowd.

Actions can create a number of emotions; love, anger, trust, joy, and sadness are just a few examples. Returning home from a party, because there was drinking involved gives my parents a greater sense of trust in me than just the words “you can trust me”. Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes an angry silence speaks louder than the words of anger and is more damaging, because no communication takes place. This can cause a lot of pain for many relationships, and sometimes cause them to crumble simply because you’re mad and don’t feel like talking it out. Actions speak louder than words.

There are many times as an athlete when I have to make sure my body language and my actions are always affecting my team in a positive way. Just because I might not be having a good game, I cannot let my frustration show through negative actions. I have had many new coaches over the years and I have learned that the students they notice the most are the ones who are constantly hustling and who always have a good attitude. While many may walk to shag the ball, I will run to shag the ball. While many focus on themselves and how they are performing, I make sure to give everyone a high-five for their efforts. I have seen teams who talk big with outstanding athletes, lose to a team with not as much talent but tons of heart.

My actions portray who I am as a person. Am I doing all I can to set a good example for my little sister or anyone who may look up to me? When I think about my hero, it’s not only what they say that makes them my hero, it’s also what they do.