It’s What Drives Us

Gage - Kyle, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

It’s What Drives Us

I believe in the power of home. No other place in the world has the power of a home. No place is as magical. None are as wondrous.

Think back to a summer camp, a vacation away from everyone you know. It’s the first day and its activity time. Teams are picked and you get picked last. You trudge back to the cabin, slump onto your bunk and wish you were where . . . home.

Even the most rebellious teens that have successfully flown from the nest will one day miss it. At the first signs of trouble where do they want to be…at home. We can swear left and right that we don’t miss it, don’t want to be there and are content with where we are at, but deep down we know that we just want to go home.

A home has a healing power. A home has a calming power. But when we closer examine this what does a home in itself really offer? It’s nothing more than a building; a mere four walls filled with useless material possessions.

Maybe when you are at a far off place and you just “wanna go home” its no home that you truly long for. Maybe just maybe it’s family that you want: family that you long for.

Family is like magic. It doesn’t always hold visible bonds, not always tangible connections. But it holds us together no matter what happens… it always stays true.

What drives this magnificent bond? Is it just mere human nature? Is it a feeling that you owe those close to you? I don’t think that is that simple. I think its something deeper.

It’s the warm feeling that you get inside on Christmas morning. It’s the smile that crosses your face when you gather with family. It’s the tingle that covers your body when you are with those you love. It is love.

Love is an unexplainable force that drives us. One that even as the most complex beings on the face of this planet we don’t fully understand and never will. I cause people to do things others laugh at and think are crazy but we don’t care. Even after a broken heart love can’t be stopped. It can’t be beaten it can’t be broken. At least true love can’t. it causes people to go out of their way to help others. It causes people to make sacrifices to help others. It even causes some to go so far as to lay down their life for others.

In other ways love is love nothing in human nature. Love is not human nature. Love comes from and is a greater force. I believe in love.