Wear What You Want

Jessica - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Wear What You Want

I used to always worry about what everyone thought about what clothes I wore or how I did my hair. It seemed that every time I went to pick something out, my fingers would drift over to my favorite comfy outfit while my mind pulled them back thinking about what others would think of me.

I went through my middle school years trying to fit in with the crowd, whom were never all satisfied with my looks. Even when I was in a group of friends who I knew didn’t care what everyone wore, I always felt uncomfortable. I wasted many opportunities and chances of living every moment to the fullest just from worrying about what someone might say, when honestly, I wouldn’t see most of my classmates after high school at all.

It took me just one day for, at that point life changing, my thought to click. I would hear friends talk about how much they hated high school musical, the movie that I though everyone loved, I witnessed the crushes on big movie stars like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom only to turn around to a group of girls thinking how bad of actors they are. At school I saw girls going out with the stereotypical preppy guys and hating the so called “emo” guys, or just the other way around.

Even Though I always heard people say it, it took me a while to truly believe that you shouldn’t care what others think about you because it’s impossible to impress everyone. Nothing in the world exists that everyone will agree with or love.

Sadly, there will always be someone who hates chocolate, is disgusted with the new clothes trend, and even someone who may cringe at the thought of snuggling up with friends under the stars, gobbling down smores, and listening to stories of past camping trips.

It seems to me that everyone goes through a stage at some point in life always trying to impress everyone or not making not making choices in fear of what friends will say.

I try to live every part of my life the way I want to, and not by the standards of others. If I just want to be comfortable, I will wear soft pants and a big sweater. People who care what you wear don’t matter and people who matter won’t care.