The Value of Simplicity

Amy - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in the value of simplicity in the everyday life.

In today’s society, the pressure for each individual to keep up the ideal life of a well-paying job, fancy cars and boats, multiple houses, and many more things seems to be an extreme. The importance of owning material things seem to completely consume the individual where they can’t even enjoy the small moments we all take for granted. When you complicate your life it becomes to a certain point were you aren’t able to prioritize any longer. The simple things like family, friends, love, and pets are not the first things on your mind. Being able to go to the park with your family or have lunch with an old friend, or even just being able to walk your dog are the type of things that make up life’s enjoyments.

With kids today they seem to have countless stresses of school, sports, work, and extra activates, where they unable to really have a strong unforgettable memory of their childhood years. I remember just playing outside with my sisters, making sheet tents, and catching fire flies without having a care in the world but to merely adore the moment. Those are the times that I can never forget and that I cherish so deeply. It’s important to create times like when my sister and I laughed until we cried because we got into a food fight, or when my best friend and I stayed up talking about life for hours. All these times will never be taken away from me and that is what is essential.

Even when you are granted the extra luxury of shiny cars or gourmet meals you can’t forget the small things that matter most, the small things that get your through your rough times, or the small things that bring you happiness and bliss.

I myself get caught up in today’s whirlwinds of being the best student, or having the best job, and wanting the newest technology, and because of this I effortlessly forget the greatest gifts of life. Each and every one of us is given so much personally that they may not appreciate what is right in front of them when it has been easily just handed to them. All the man-made things we accumulate in our lifetime will fade, but the treasures we hold in our hearts will die with us. You have to be able to make the memories that last forever and take pleasure in every precious moment that you are given, because after all the next five minuets could be your last five minuets.