Taste Life

Sarah - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Skittles lover’s have it right when they say, “Taste the Rainbow”. And no, it’s not because I’m a Skittles lover. But Skittle theology does have a spectacular point.

You see, I believe in tasting adventure. My first experience was as a 13 year-old foreign exchange student in Japan. Never had my naïve eyes tasted such dramatic things. I sampled the choppy language, the flashy clothes styles, the ancient culture, and the salty sushi. Everywhere I turned, something new and something different caught my eye. It was a true feast for the eyes.

I began to think differently and I realized how many countless opportunities there are to taste adventure. I just have to open my eyes to see the magenta and the turquoise in between the overpowering reds and purples in the rainbow of life. I could go anywhere in the world if I wanted with the right amount of determination.

You see, I believe in tasting diversity. During the summer following my eight grade year, my family decided to move to Texas. I cringed at the words ya’ll and fixin’, the endless football games, the excessively hot summers, and the bugs. But through the struggle I met so many caring people and discovered so many new opportunities to fulfill my soul’s desire.

I began to adjust and a part of me enjoyed this new way of life. I felt the sultry new culture mixed in with its southern charm and hospitality. I quickly learned the unmentioned rules: while in your car wave to everyone, hold the door open for strangers, and always bring brownies to your friend’s house as a thank you.

You see, I believe in tasting peace through understanding. The summer after my freshman year of high school, I was selected to tour the United Kingdom with People to People International. Only this time, I would travel for nearly a month and stay with an English family. Upon my arrival, the cold bitter air and the smell of Irish happiness danced inside my soul. I could see the similarities in antique civilization, colorful lifestyles, and vibrant people.

I began to understand People to People’s motto: peace through understanding. I could literally taste the new awakening I felt. It left a tangy sensation on my heart as I learned what true understanding is. It isn’t what you learn in a book or write down as notes in a class lecture; it’s finding the similarities which make us equal.

You see, I believe in tasting new people. Not like a carnivore, though. Rather in the metaphorical sense. I think with a positive attitude and a smile, meeting people is easy. Really all I have to do is try. Every single person on this planet is like a different color in the rainbow of life. Even though some may be the flamboyant yellow or exceedingly lime green, remember there are the pastel pinks and the midnight blue, too. We may taste different, but we all are sugar coated.

So next time you open a bag of Skittles remember to taste the rainbow. Taste adventure. Taste diversity. Taste people. Taste peace. Taste understanding. But most importantly, taste life.