Why Ask Myself

Jacob - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

Short, simple, sweet, recycle and spend wisely, or you’re no better than the rest.

Sunrise, sunset.

The things we don’t forget.

The light of the morning that brings on the day.

The darkness of night that takes it away.

Day by day memories fade.

Honorable workers waiting to be paid.

The wife of the husband that’s never comes home.

The wife that sells her body so she won’t be alone.

Trying to pay attention so that we may learn.

Light a match, throw it down, watch the forest burn.

You say hello, I say goodbye.

Standing around asking the question, “Why?”

Everything in our world has gone wrong.

Still, we all stand around just singing our song.

Singing the words that apply to their life.

Whispers unheard that speak of the knife.

Researchers crunch numbers for percentage of death.

While people out there take their last breath.

Money that is used for useless spending.

Just a single bronze piece used for mending.

The world falls apart as we all seem to say,

“Oh, well, we’ll fix it someday.”