Jeff - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

One thing that I really enjoy doing is driving. I absolutely could not wait to get my learner’s permit, much less my driver’s license when I turned 15. I have always been fascinated by cars and figuring out how they work. Since my father is an auto mechanic, I just worked there every summer and learned as much as I possibly could. When I was looking to buy my first car, I chose to go for a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, which is pretty much the racing model of a Sentra. My father and I test drove one in Georgetown and it was amazing, that car had a ridiculous amount of power for a little 4-cylinder motor. Since it was a six-speed manual transmission, my father was really nervous about getting it for me. When we were driving the car, my dad was going about 60 MPH in 5th gear and he then shifted into 6th and we just took off and were doing 80 about a second later. After that he looked at me and said,” Hell no, this is way too fast.” My dad knew that I would be very tempted to speed in a car like that. He said he knows that the temptation is there and that hopefully I would learn my lesson the easy way instead of the hard way like him.

For me driving is a way of just getting away from everything; a way of going into my own world. You could just keep driving and driving until you reach a place that you don’t know. I just love the feeling of shifting into new gears, feeling the power of the car in my hands. I love the noise of cars going by when I have the windows rolled down. In my world, everything is calm and relaxing. Playing music just turbo charges my mood; makes me feel invincible. I play fast, exciting songs when I want to go fast and slow, soothing songs when I’m relaxed. I guess you could say that my way of venting anger is driving. I don’t know why I enjoy driving so much, why it has so much affect on me. I really don’t like driving cars with automatic transmissions, I should add. I prefer standard, where I can clutch and manually shift, none of those puny paddle shifters some people use. My girlfriend loves to drive with me, and I really enjoy driving her around. I’m sure that there are many more people in the world that share my same passion for cars. I think that everybody has their own little world that they go to and hide in whenever they’re upset or just want to be alone.