Keep Your Head Up

Andrea - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

No matter what happens in life to you, you should always keep your head up high. A lot of things in this big world would love to see us fall, but you are strong enough to prevent it from happening.

If you let almost anything in this world kick you down, then you will stay down until you are confident enough to let yourself know that nothing can ever bring you down. Life is an extravagant gift to us so cherish it, appreciate it, and have fun. You want to do things that are awesome, extremely fun or even outrageous. Something that will bring joy and laughter into your life. So you can have those memorable moments, not dull ones.

I used to let stuff take me down, but I didn’t think it was me that was letting it happen, and it was so easy. Now I know that those times I cried, got frustrated, got upset, all that was wasted time on my life. I could have been having fun with my friends, playing sports with my little brother, or just being with my family.

Now whatever happens just happens. Nothing is going to be perfect, and you just have to accept that and let it go and keep your head up, because if you don’t your never going to get that happiness you want. Happiness can happen, but only if you don’t let things bring