I believe in respect!

Amanda - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

One day, I will be a parent. But until that day comes, I am doing everything I can to realize just what I am doing in my life. How I go out with friends all the time, date, sneak out, school. Everything, with out a word to my mother. I know I should tell her things, I just never feel it’s any of her business. Occasionally, I’ll tell her when I’m going to be leaving and where; but she’ll want all the details, exact time, place, who I’m going with, who’s driving; I just get sick of it. I mean, sure, she has the right to know, but mothers just take it to the extremes with their children.

Of course you have the typical 16 year old who thinks they’re in charge of everything, and doesn’t need anyone saying otherwise. I do anything I want, and do what ever I can to get it. This needs to be put to a stop. I have started to notice the need to talk to her about things. My mom needs to have the right to control what happens with her children.

The reason it is important to respect my mom’s wishes, is that I’m going to be in her position one day. And I know that I don’t treat my mom as well as I should, or tell her things that she deserves to know. I do feel terrible about it, because I wouldn’t want my kids keeping their plans secret from me. Recently, I have already started to change my ways some. Although, the good out of this, is I’ll be more understanding of why my kids don’t want to tell me when they go out; because I’ve been where they are, and it’s not fun telling your mother all your plans. But now I’m beginning to see that she only asks because she cares about me and wants me safe.

I believe that my mom should be told things, but not my whole life, I need some privacy and freedom.