Life is short… Live it up

Chris - Manlius, New York
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem, work

Life is short… live it up

Change seems to be the only thing in life that is consistent. Anything that once was seems to have changed, and what is now is sure to switch in the future, weather it is soon or down the road. Times that we enjoy appear to go by a lot faster then other times. This brings me to my motto, “life is short…live it up.” Don’t let life pass you by while not doing what you want.

When I first heard this saying it was from my parents that would try and get me to be happy when I was down about something that didn’t seem important to them. Life is too short to let things like this keep you down is what they would tell me. When I was younger it seemed like they just didn’t understand the struggles of being seven or eight. Growing up I have seen that they are right, and that life really is short. Things that you take for granted seem to fly by, and the only way to see them is by looking in the rear view mirror. Some events that are a good example of that would be stages in my life like, high school, freshmen year of college, sophomore year of college, and the summers of fun in-between them.

Since I don’t want things to pass me by I always try and stay active. Mainly I work. I used to have a high school football coach who would say, “We don’t kill time… we work it to death.” So that’s what I try to do. During the summer I work seven days a week. Five of the days I spend landscaping, and the weekends I work at Brueggers. During the school year I still work at Brueggers, six days a week, and I coach a basketball team while still attending all my classes. My friends at home will make fun of me because they will see me out late at night and know that I have to be to work in the mourning so they always ask me when I’m going to sleep, and I always tell them that I can sleep when I’m dead. That is a country song, sung by Jason Michael Carroll. I have now downloaded it and made it my ring tone.

There are two reasons that I work so hard. The first is to stay active. Normally, when I come home from a working mourning at Brueggers I ask my friends what they did and on the average their response is either sleeping or just hanging out. So I figure I’m not missing much while I’m making money. My second reason is that I like to have fun, and I know that the only way to have fun safely, is to work hard when you have to work hard. If there is an event to be at I want to be able to go, but I also want to get up in the mourning and work so that I know I’m remaining productive and feel responsible.

No one should miss out on something they want to be a part of. Don’t let life pass you by. When considering weather to do something every one should remember, life is short… LIVE IT UP!