The world is an ocean with a lot of commotion

gtarrett - 78640, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Hey I’m Garrett young an I believe that the world is a ocean with a lot of commotion as u get older you see and learn that life in generally is not easy. And it really doesn’t matter who you r if your living in the projects or you live in a huge mansion in down town Austin its not were u from or what color your skin is life isn’t easy. It really comes down to how bad do u want something in life in my this I believe I say if u dive its deep. What I mean by that is when you get in to the real world its going to seem tough and let thee truth be told it really is but u keep your head up and keep on go keeping on.

Now the last part of my saying is the most important “but if you can swim its not mattering” the saying itself mean a thousand words but how I receive it is if you can hold your own at school and in the real world you will be perfectly fine. So when you are struggling with work School College your car your girl friend or your self and u can’t find that thing to bring you up? Remember my saying its helped me threw countless times when I couldn’t see me getting threw whatever I was going threw I just would say this saying and it always felt better to know that someone else in this world said this saying to get them by.