I believe I am a lucky girl

Xinyue - kyle, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe I am a lucky girl. Many people said I am lucky. My mum always said, “I believe you can do it, you are a lucky girl.”

I have a happy family. My parents love me very much. When I feel sad, they will console me gently; when I do something wrong, them don’t blame me. We treat each other like friends. So my friend said, “You are a lucky girl.”

I’m lucky that I passed the exam of the exchange student. The test is hard to me at that time. I can’t believe I passed, but I did. Then I should get my passport visa. In China, if the visa-granting officer refused give you visa card, you must wait for another time to do all the procedures again. But for me, I just have one chance. If I failed, I can’t be an exchange student to go to America. My officer is serious, he asked me many questions and I was nervous. Fortunately, I got my visa card.

Then, I came to America. Here everything is new, new language, new culture, new environment, etc. But I believe I’m lucky, so everything will be better. My host family is friendly, we got along well. In school, everyone is kind to me. There are many warm-heart people help me. One day morning, I missed the bus but I didn’t know. I waited a long time and the bus didn’t coming. I feel anxious. Then, I saw a man was entering one house which is near me, I told him I may missed the bus and wanted to use his cell phone call my host mother. The man said his wife can drive me to school. I really appreciate them. I think I’m lucky to meet them.

Yes, I believe I am a lucky girl. So ,when I met difficulties, I know I can find the way to solve the problem. I believe I will be fine and everything will be better!