She is Beautiful

Ross - Creve Coeur, Missouri
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

She sits with her legs crossed, bouncing her right foot. Her toes, elegantly painted, are spread to hold on desperately to her flip-flop sandal. She plays with her ponytail before nonchalantly turning away from the professor. She is checking her nails, as if to say that her hygiene and style are more important than the professor’s opinion on literature. Her attention is resurrected as she nods her head madly in response to a question about our childhoods. My eyes travel up her foot, up her shin, until the ring on her finger steals away my attention as it dances while she plays with her pen. The pen falls from her grip as she straightens up and begins to listen to the discussion. Her eyes show a false façade as she peers blankly over the fist that covers her mouth, propping up her tired head. Her necklace swings back and forth, hitting her chest before bouncing away from her body, as she resumes shaking her foot. She slouches low in her seat with a look of contempt for a girl speaking across the room. Her eyes are cold but her face warm and welcoming. She has a smooth face and a pale complexion, which only accentuates her dark eyes and hair and smile. Her lips curl gently as some witty comment passes over the heads of most of my classmates. She is beautiful. She is cold. She is beautiful.

I believe in beauty, the kind that steals your attention away like a car crash and knocks the breath out of you like a punch in the stomach. A drop of water clinging frantically to a kitten’s whisker, the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, the resonating pulse of a perfectly strummed chord in an auditorium, the taste of a perfectly cooked and seasoned steak. I believe that people have the ability to find beauty in everything but don’t open their eyes, noses, ears, and mouths wide enough to notice it. I believe that people should stop worrying about what makes this world such an ugly place and start looking at the whirlwind of beauty that could be carrying us away. Whether it is from out in nature or from under our bed sheets, it surrounds us, so much so that I do not think I can comprehend it sometimes.