adriana - 78640, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

Hey Mom

Many great things are happening out there, in your world and I ask myself mom why won’t you let me be part of that? What’s your big fear?

When I hear you say that you are scared and plan to get rid of me I cry, and once again I ask myself why you think that? Is it because you are young? You know mom you are not alone, there are many more young girls out there just like you, or is it because dad treats you bad and tells you that you got fat and ugly and that you are stupid for getting pregnant.

Mom dad doesn’t have to be in our life but it won’t hurt if he’s around checking that we are fine. Did you know that when you cry I cry, when dad hurts you I get hurt, did you know that? But then we also have our good times like all those times you crave for a hamburger you always smell it first then you take out the pickles and eat them, after that you take a small bite until you finish it, that’s when you say that the hamburger is so warm, juicy and soft and I agree. After you are done eating you rub your tummy and make sure I am good. That’s when I say to myself she loves me but she is just confused.

I Show you my love by kicking you. A soft little kick with much love saying I love you.

So mom have you ever thought what could happen if you let me meet your world. Have you ever thought to yourself who I could be in the future maybe a doctor and safe lives like mine or a lawyer and safe you from dad or maybe just a simple loving kid who will always be there by your side telling you how much I love you.

Prove wrong all those people who said you wouldn’t make it, reach your goals don’t matter how many miles you have to run just remember that at the end of your race I will be waiting for you with a big smile telling you how proud I am of you for doing your best.