This I Believe

andrew - niederwald, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Reach to Walk on The Stars”

I believe that when I am determined to do something, “ I can walk on stars.”

When I am determined to get somewhere, its always in my head and on my mind. It doesn’t matter when people are pulling me down like quick sand because they doubt me. Or when anger is crawling through my blood like a snake, from frustration, or when that pain has my body rapped up in pain from fighting to just keep going.

I set a goal each day to get through the day and do good and make sure everything goes as planned. That goal is kind of another step to perfection and to that main goal in which is like gold at the end of a rainbow. I consider the gold at the end of my path to perfection because that main goal is kind of like gold once I get there. It’s the answers to all my prayers, to all my past struggles, and to all the pain I go through. When I get the gold everything just is perfect no pain no struggles.

At all times my goal is always in my head or on my mind. I always picture my goal is just right there and that I am getting closer and closer. In everything I do is getting me one step closer nothing can get me further away from it I only take steps forward not backward. When I am at school tired from being there an u start falling asleep cause class is boring. When someone is just annoying me because they are talking bout me and it is jus getting me angry. When things are bad at home and I just wont to quit and give up. I always think of that one goal and how things are just around the corner from being better and the bad is no longer.

Remember that no matter what I will always have struggles its jus something that’s part of life. No mater how rich or famous you are everybody has there good and bad times, there is just some that have it better or worst then others. With all the thick and thin I go throw I always jus keep the gold in sight.

Reach to walk on the stars and never settle for less.