Don’t Listen To What They Say

Kattye - Buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people should appreciate what they have and love it. No matter what others say.

I am a short girl who gets push around most of the time, like many others. Usually, because of our height, how we look, weight, what we represent or what we do.

When I was in band, like around age 12, not really grew much still short and I played an instrument that was almost half of my size. Jerks in hallways who knew what I played pushed, shoved, and made fun of my passion to music and the happiness of a great father. Almost, threw me out of balance, with the teasing that I can’t play or because I’m short.

Through those Crucial Nightmares that kept putting me down, didn’t stop the music out of me and my instrument. I entered that room without looking back, prepared and sat down with my instrument like every loud and cleared morning just waiting to play. Even though I keyed a wrong tone or missed a note I still kept on. Even though people next to me said “you messed up I’m going to be first chair and beat you.” I still kept going. Even though this morning I have a bruise from being pull or pushed by someone else, I just took it of my mind and kept on going.

In each concert, I manage to stay in first chair in my instrument with my band. Proud and loud I played and bowed with honor. This really gained on confidence on me just with the love of it. I appreciate my parents by renting this instrument, coming, taking pictures of me and cheering for me in concerts. This is part of my life I wouldn’t exchange nothing for my passion of music, it really is most of it a tradition pass down and has been going and hasn’t stop. This tradition is being proud and appreciating what we like to play music is part of our family.

It is clearly and obvious I am short it doesn’t mean I can’t be successful. No one else could stop me I will continue, this confidence that I have is not going to be crush on by another monster walking down the hallway who doesn’t know me but will try to judge. No, I will love it, continue and help others with it. I appreciate what my parents knew what this instrument was going to do and I love it.