Responsibility is more than work

Seth - Kyle, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a sixteen year old teen all I usually care about is girls and…. girls. I hang out with friends, do my school work, and am myself, but I’m also a big brother and have a lot of responsibilities to do around my house.

In 2006 my father left my sister, my mom, two dogs, two cats, a fish, and myself. He went out that door and he never came back….into the house again. After that I knew that I had more responsibility than ever!!! I was the man of the house and I would have to do what my father did. I had to help more around the house, get my sister out of bed, get her dressed, and feed her, walk the dogs, help with dinner, and make dinner by myself. That’s a lot for a fourteen year old to do at 6:00 in the morning.

In the beginning I couldn’t understand why my father left us. I thought it was my fault and that I pushed him away from my family. I fell into a deep abyss of depression. It seemed like forever and that I would never be happy again. I felt closed off from the world and that no buddy knew what I was going through. I finally got out of that depression because I realized that my family needed me more than ever.

A year later my sister is ready to start her middle school career and she is nervous as ever. I tell her it’ll all be alright and not to be nervous. Well, my mom leaves for work around 6:00 am and I go check on my sister in her room. She is still in bed!!! I tell her to get up and get dressed so she won’t be late for school. When I leave she calls my mom and tells her what I said. My mom tells her I’m right and that she needs to get up and get ready. Around 7:30 my sisters gets out of her room and goes out to her bus stop. I learned that day that responsibility is more than work its love.