Party Busted

Richard - Wall, New Jersey
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My belief is that political parties are unnecessary, and inhibit the progress that our country pursues. There are several types of political parties, but there are two main ones, the Democratic and Republican parties. Political parties have members that are supposed to share common political ideas with each other. These affiliations are meant to aid the country, but in recent years it seems that they are only dragging the country down. Seeing people argue over why they believe in a certain political party and not advance beyond contradicting each other, lead me to believe that political parties may not be helpful to society. This belief was further enhanced after learning about scandals such as Watergate, and watching debates where it seemed the candidates were just interested in criticizing each other’s affiliation.

The problem with political parties is that they seem more interested in serving themselves and fellow members, rather than the citizens they are thought to represent. The large funds that these organizations work with allow for bribery and corruption, from lobbyists and big corporations. There is also a lack of representation of average people’s thoughts and ideals, when there are only two main political parties that are held in high regard. These reasons add to my belief that political parties are a burden on society.

Political beliefs are meant to be personal, and not modified to fit into a certain group, and these thoughts should be shared among fellow community members. However, some people who believe in a certain political party refuse to listen to another person’s ideas from a different affiliation, which promotes single-minded thought. It is impossible to help each other, when people are not open to new ideas and opinions.

Without political parties imposing their beliefs on others, people will be able to expand on their ideas of how the country should be run, and not have to be restricted to a certain structure of thought. People could represent their own ideas to the public without having to join a group involved in politics. This would make it easier for a person’s ideal to be heard by the community and country.

In a country founded on independence, it would be appropriate for the citizens to be independent from the burden of political parties. Its absence would give rise to new ways of thinking and communicating with one another, and allow for renewed interest in the future of the country. It may be good to help your friends, but not when it is at the cost of the people you represent.