Judgment day

Janie - buda, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe that everyone is created equal. That everyone on this earth serves a purpose and no judgment should be passed. No matter if it is a person, idea, or belief. Everything should be taken in, not pushed aside because it is different.

I believe that everyone is created equal, now you’ve probably heard this before. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and so on. Yes I am not the only person that has opinions on this issue, but I would like to add to the thought. See I believe that not only are we all equal, but we were all placed on this earth for a specific purpose. I could have been born a small insignificant piece of dust, doomed to wander the earth and just hitch a ride now and again on the coming winds. But no I was born a human that does have a purpose. Therefore we are all equal in significance. But still we human beings commit the sin of judgment. Beliefs

I believe that I being a human have the natural instinct of seeing any given, object, or person and immediately notice it is foreign and judge it. It is only natural, and usually we do not act on it. But when someone does, problems can arise. Things as big as the color of your skin, to something as small as what type of clothes you wear. Both of these can cause you to feel out of place so to speak. I am guilty of it as well, we all are. Now something small like choosing a book is a quick example. Say one day I go to the library, as I sift through some books I find two that attract my attention. The first an old dusty black hard back that looks, and feels as though no one has touched it for years. The second a big, brand new hard back that has a beautiful drawing on the front to give you a sort of “sneak preview” of what could lie behind its cover. Which one to pick? See my point is that even something as small as choosing a book requires some type of judgment. The books are more than likely equal in interests, but we choose the newer “prettier” one because it looks nicer.

I believe that I am equal to anything, and everyone around me, because I am human and thus serve a purpose. I will never judge a book by its cover, rather delve deeper into it to find its true meaning. I will never judge a person by their appearance, or beliefs, rather look deeper into their souls and see them for who they truly are. I believe that no judgment is right, or just. I believe that everything in this world has a purpose, and I am here to find mine.