My curly haired friend

kassie - kyle, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe a curly haired kid in class will guarantee a funny forty-five minutes. This curly haired kid I believe is like an under cover professional comedian posing as a high school student trying to make teen’s school life funny.

I believe this curly haired kid is so hilariously funny your socks will fly off.

Once the curly haired kid is placed in his nursing class, the fun switches from to extreme. I believe the kid with the curly hair has a partner during his comedic moments. This is the skeleton in his HST class. I believe that once the two are paired together it’s going to be good day, and soon the socks will start flying off.

Although the skeleton does not talk back the kid makes his daily handshake and “hello” with the skeleton. Throughout the forty-five minutes there are multiple interactions between the two on and off throughout the period.

I believe the curly haired kid through these past few days has made my days a lot funnier, sure I believe his jokes are funny but more do I believe his facial expressions are funnier. I believe by having a curly haired kid just about makes my day good or better if it has been a bad one.

I believe the curly haired kid is one of the reasons why I look forward to going to my HST class. That and the fact that the whole class in general is just the best class ever! I believe that my curly haired kid is a like a gift from god, and there is not another like mine. My curly haired kid is one of a kind, an unique individual, I would not trade my curly haired friend for anything.

I believe every one across the world should deserve a curly haired kid like mine, just to add some spice to their life. I believe the curly haired kid is my friend that makes my day better, and helps me enjoy the school day just that much.