The World of Real and Fake

Katy - Niederwald, Texas
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In life I have learned many lessons and only being sixteen there is already one lesson that just keeps reminding me to watch out and to think and trust with caution. In my mind, the one lesson in life that still continues to teach me about people is to like everyone and trust no one because that is the reality to being a teenager in high school and not only that, but being a teenage girl in high school.

To most people, others are either real where they are true to you and to everyone else and keep their word and promises or they are fake and they take what you say and turn it against you and tell the world. Not in my head though, that is not the case with people here at the high school and people that I come across. In my opinion, everyone is fake in some way and they just say anything that someone else wants to here just so they can be liked and seem “real.” The truth of it though is that the person saying just whatever means absolutely zero words coming out of their mouth and he or she thinks the other person believes it. The one listening, having a fake quality as well, more than likely doesn’t believe what he or she is being told and is just letting that person continue their lies just to seem, again, true.

I am not one to say that I don’t play that particular game either because I know I do and I am pretty good at it but not in a bragging way. I believe that I should just play nice and keep my thoughts unspoken and locked up and that way I am able to avoid drama and trouble. I never reveal too much about myself either because while a person may look trustworthy on the outside, that same person may take something I have spilled out of trust and tell the world and even twist my words. It’s as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover and I really can’t judge a person just by the first friendly “hello.”

I can’t always keep my thoughts about someone in though and that is why, with all the people in my life that are able to turn their back on me, I have the very few people who I know I can go to with pretty much everything and speak to about what I have been locking up. These people must be good people because they have gotten past my wall of trust issues. They are the ones I talk to about people who I know don’t mean half the words that comes out of their mouths but I just choose to listen and pretend to believe. I know that that it is possible to have at least one good friend in the world and when you have a fair amount, the world seems just that much more honest.