alyssa - peoria, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Karma because it is my only divine belief that has stood to be true throughout time. When many of my other beliefs have faltered Karma has proved to hold meaning indefinitely. Small acts of this belief appear on a daily basis and drive my being to assume its truth.

My most recent consensus of Karma wasn’t bestowed upon me but upon someone I work with, I will refer to her as Jane of course to protect the guilty and myself of course considering she is my boss. One afternoon “Jane” was backing up out of her drive way with her head turned to see where she was going when an object pierced through her driver’s side window and had she not been looking back it would have severed her head. This is Karma you see because this particular women felt the need to run her mouth to fellow colleagues when it was not her turn to speak, she was rather pretentious and bothersome to everyone really. Although this seems cruel I do believe this is a true display of Karma at its finest. I have yet to see “Jane’ since this occurrence and I am forever curious to see if she has realized her irritating habit and fixed it which would probably be in her best interest because she might not be so lucky next time.