Everything in Moderation

Trisha - Cicero, New York
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In our modern world, life is handed to us on a silver platter. We have the option to change our lives in an instant: eat out or stay in, become a lawyer or a teacher, create a family or be free from commitment. Not only are we accustomed to getting our way, but also technology and advances in society allow us to lead a life of comfort and ease. Some would call this way of life unnecessary or an indulgence, but it is simply what many are accustomed to.

Growing up as a kid in a middle class home, in many ways I grew to take this lifestyle for granted. We would go to the zoo, ride bikes around the neighborhood, and sometimes even flag down the ice cream man for a summer treat. Yet as I matured, I learned to cherish what was given to me, for treats and outings weren’t just handed out on a daily basis, these moments were special. In other words, I determined that life in moderation would ultimately bring about greater satisfaction and pleasure in my own life.

For me, maintaining this lifestyle does not mean a life of restraint, in a sense it brings about a greater feeling of spontaneity and joy then a life of always getting what you desire at a particular time. I find that by savoring the moment and allowing myself to love what I have, only then would a hug or even a piece of chocolate be special again and again. For if you always get what you desire what’s to stop you from expecting more and not enjoying what life gives you?

From this philosophy I have learned to slow life down and not always be caught up with meaningless details, aka ‘sweating the small stuff’. There’s always something a person cannot live without, whether it be a favorite tee shirt, a baby blanket (my own personal downfall), or even a photograph; and that’s okay in my book. What helped me to make a conscious effort in balancing my life was initially learning that we don’t need everything all the time. So when you do find the perfect apartment, friend, or even pair of shoes, you know not to pass the opportunity up.

I believe in a life of moderation, which ultimately leads to savoring every moment we stumble upon.