I Believe In Music

Kylee - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Music is what I believe in. I feel that music is the key to my life, a completion of my being. Music is my anti-drug. It is like an open window letting a fresh breeze into a crowded, clammy room that is the world we live in. That is music to me.

Music has been a part of my life from the start. It is kind of an innate passion for me. My mom would pop in a tape of Melissa Etherridge when she would drive to the doctor’s,

I would sit in the back seat, and at the age of four, sing verbatim to the music. Also around four, I went to my first concert, which was also Melissa Etherridge. That was only the beginning.

Throughout the years, my mom would quiz me on the title of a song on the radio and the artist. By an early age, I was naming off songs from three to four decades before my time. When I would get upset, as I still do today, I would close my door and crank up the tunage. That is how I calmed down.

When the end of fifth grade rolled around, I was determined to join the band as a clarinetist. The people told me I would be better off playing flute because of the formation of my mouth. (Yeah, I know I need braces, okay.) However, I told them no and that I would play clarinet and be really good at playing. Therefore, they agreed to let me play clarinet. (Score!) My parents supported me and they found a way financially. Well, the first day I had that clarinet home with me, I was already teaching myself. Within a few weeks, I accidentally played “My Heart Will Go On” by ear in the back of that car. Hey now, I was bored and the song was on the radio.

A few years, and many hours of practice, later I was asked to play tenor saxophone. My director said he needed a good player. (What did I tell you?) I am now currently the tenor saxophone section leader in the high school’s band. Nevertheless, I decided to expand my horizons to a more recent love. I wanted to learn bass guitar. After many Christmases with no bass under the tree, my boyfriend bought one for me our first Christmas together. ($200 versus my puny $35…I felt rather cheep.) He knew I wanted one really bad. I am now teaching myself bass. Granted, that task is rather daunting, but I am chugging away. My boyfriend and family tell me that for as long as I have been playing bass, I am rather good.

Whether I am listening to my iPod, my computer, or playing in band, or piddling on my bass after a long day at school, music is my source to happiness and makes me complete. That is what I believe.