Understand peace, then embrace happiness. Not Façade.

David Lee - Eastchester, New York Hong Kong
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: peace

This I believe, that: Peace is not a wordy wish. Nor does it dwell amidst the façade of politically, personally, or religiously choreographed harmony. Peace comes from a dignified understanding that Good will and should, always overcome evil. And from that wellspring – which some call ‘serenity’ but I call ‘being 100% comfortable with oneself’ – comes, albeit humanly inconvenient at times, selfless dedicated pursuits for the cause of Good and justice way beyond groupthink, mainstream fanaticism, nationalism, fundamentalism, superficial self-indulgences, and yes: even country. Peace is its own antithesis and a misnomer in that like the natural wonder of waterfalls and unlike meditation, its efficacy depends on ceaseless positive action rather than passivity. And that perception, if accurate, is a minor victory over indifference and injustice everywhere for happiness albeit interlinked with peace, is not relative. Happiness is peace, correctly understood. And the character such understanding builds is one of nature’s rewards. But the aloof dignity and peace offerings of an inexperienced or privileged theorist, or well-meaning and yet self-centered individual, are as enlightening as hoarded bad morning breath catapulted by Category 5 yawns smack in the face of another at midday, in a congested vehicle.