Beyond the Stars

Lauren - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I sat outside with my friends, something that has caught my eye on numerous occasions transported me from the trivial Friday night chitchat to thoughts of the supernatural. Have you ever looked up at the stars and posed the age-old question, is there an existence beyond our understanding? I thought to myself there must be more. This cannot possibly be the extent of life.

In the intuity of human nature, over centuries scientist have developed complex theories to dispel the wonders of God’s creation. We constantly strive to explain the world around us using our limited realm of understanding. It is impossible for us to grasp anything beyond that. Science does not address all of the mysteries of the universe. I have faith in science, but not to the degree that our most complex, seemingly unanswerable questions are told to have happened by mere chance. For that reason alone I must take a leap of faith and allow myself to believe in the existence of God. I believe divinity had a hand in the crafting of humanity.

How perfect is the human knee? That can bend, rotate, bear weight, and balance. Engineers have spent decades attempting to mechanically replicate that most perfect design. The human brain with its capacity to process a wide range of emotions; the most complex super computer with artificial intelligence cannot begin to process love. God created man in his own image, such a perfect form.

It cannot be a coincidence that throughout history people of different races and origins have converged on the same concept of a deity. In times of crisis instinctively we seek rescue from one Supreme Being. It seems to me that God instilled in us that innate connection. The more time I spend exploring and developing that connection the stronger the bond grows. To the point where I know God’s touch is so prevalent in my life there is no refuting that I am not a product of his creation.

My body is a product of sanctity, God’s greatest achievement. When I look up at the bright twinkling lights in the sky I think not of Science, but instead the miracle that bestowed by my creator.