Expect the Unfortunate Unexpected

Tyler - 85310
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Expect the Unfortunate Unexpected

“Here comes the fun part” I quietly thought to myself.

Any flight over 4 hours can start to take a toll on an 11 year old so it was obvious that I was stoked to land. As the 747 slowly started its decent into PHX international the thoughts of standing were crowding my mind.

Flying on standby tickets from my Air Line employed father we had to sit in the back of the plane because all other seats were taken, this presented a problem. Having only about enough room to stand up half-way is pretty lame, but watching everyone else leave the aircraft was killing me! Finally the isle is open. I struggle to get a grip on my suitcase that had been stored in the over head apartments but alas, I am free to leave. As I walk towards the front of the plane it becomes apparent that I am having problems transporting my baggage through the walkway. I suddenly drop all my baggage and drop to the floor and then pick them back up. Or so I thought.

Having Epilepsy is never fun, the fear of the where and the when are stuck to your brain like a giant wad of gum to your shoe. It turns out that I never did actually get back up but instead just hit in the head with one of my perfectly timed seizures. From what the fight attendants said my lips had turn blue and I had stopped breathing.

I have a vague memory riding in an ambulance across the airport tarmac but I have a feeling they were put in after the incident. Being rushed to the hospital from a large passenger jet was one thing, but getting out was the difficult part.

Believe it or not this kind of thing has happened to me numerous times across the globe. A medieval themed “Dinner and a Show” was ruined by my sudden collapse into my turkey leg. Doing something like this is embarrassing in front of strangers but can you imagine this happening in front of you 200 fellow band members and marching participates of the Rose Bowl parade?, because that’s what happened to me.

Keeping an eye out and staying one step ahead of the game is what this paper would technically be about but I kind of added my own twist.

Sure you may be worried about if you’ll trip during an important performance or maybe thinking if your shirt has sweat stains at a special occasion, so just try staying ahead. Take your time so one may be able put on the anti-perspirant and maybe actually look where your feet are going for once.

Think of everything that can ever happen, good and bad then see if there is anything you can prepare for. Whether it be taking a cab home or locking the door before you leave there is almost always something that can be thought out.