common sense

Michael - glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Sixth Sense

I don’t know why, but as early as second grade with Mrs. Giorgio, I would think different compared to everyone else. I believe, special abilities and talents are given to everyone when passing into this place we call Earth, and I definitely know mine is common sense.

I have never been a principles list or top honor role student, nor have been near failing. But what ever grade children start writing paragraphs, I never agreed with “In this paper I will be telling you about….”. The funny thing is that my teacher told us to start it out that way. It is one of those things to do wrong to learn how to do right. Just how teachers say that you can not have a five and minus a seven, because negative numbers do not exist. I always questioned teachers because I always thought they were wrong. Perhaps I had a sixth sense or something. Looks like it was just common sense.

By definition, common sense is native good judgement. I am guilty of not always using my common sense super powers, but have been acknowledged by many teachers over the years for having common sense. For example, do not leave Fluffy the hamster’s cage open for him to get out, that is why he got lost and died behind the cabinet. I am certain the class funeral scared someone’s life.

Growing up mentally, I learned the hard way of how life is not perfectly fair. I constantly thought everyone would be nice and polite all the time. Sometimes my common sense skills and the way I was raised clash and burn. Leaving me alienated in the dark. I do not agree with drugs, sex, or violence. The three musketeer’s may make a blockbuster hit, but that’s not how I want my life to be or the life of my friends. The constant worry that one of the best friends from school might be dead on Monday because of drinking then driving, sucks in many ways. As if I am everyone’s mom. The hard decision, drink or drive? Pick one or neither It is seriously the stupidest decision to make that could hurt your life or the people around you. Honestly, if Mtv made a True Life episode of “I have common sense”, I would be one of the four chosen.