Rotten to the Core

Christopher - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

Rotten to the Core

Human nature is a funny thing. However nearly anyone’s past can provide some insight. Personally, my youthful days were a perfect portrayal of human nature.

It was years back when I was a mere toddler without a care in the world, but little did I know how devious I truly was. It all began with my innocent sister, mesmerized by a television, grasping her Popsicle, when I meandered over and plopped that sucker right in my mouth effectively proclaiming it mine. Then my one minded head led me to her room where I continued to steal her toys, since I figured they ought to be mine. By the end of the day I had gathered most of our household items proudly proclaiming, or rather screaming, “mine mine mine…”. At the time I felt I was truly entitled to all worldly possessions. I was king of my own little self contained world. Later, I was appalled to learn they weren’t all mine, the hard way. I was forced to put them all back on my own and was swiftly punished by my parents.

Now, looking back, there is a lesson to be learned from theses “terrible twos” I and most toddlers go through. This is that, as toddlers, we are incredibly selfish beings. My toddler years were all I want, I need, and I deserve.

I hadn’t fully accepted this until recently, and until now I was a naive fool in thinking that people are naturally good at the core. Funny thing is, a simple game of Risk allowed me to see the truth. In this game of world domination my friends and I often play (yes we’re geeks) I would make alliances and break them on slightest chance of gaining a shred of ground. I came to accept my greedy ways and did whatever I had to get to the top. In fact we all played this way as there was no set of laws governing on us in the game to limit our selfishness. It was almost as if some key factor were missing and I almost reverted back to the survival instinct of doing what I needed to survive and succeed.

Through my life I have come to believe humans are born inherently selfish while society merely attempts to suppress this habit. For instance, the punishment I received from my parents was essentially society trying rectify my selfish ways. While society does do a fairly decent job, there are times when our human nature can come out. Risk allowed my human nature to creep out since there was no society frowning upon or punishing my selfishness, so naturally I played selfishly. I’m not ashamed, it’s only human nature.