Adam - USA
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


People from all times have had to depend on others. Being dependent isn’t a bad thing; it can actually be a really good thing. People are supposed to interact with each other and use each other. I believe in people. We can learn a lot from each other and make new friends and learn new skills with the help of other people. You may have been let down in the past, we all have, but when it counts the people we rely on and believe in come through and help us substantially.

I believe that when pushed to the brink of desperation others will come to help. People may be naturally selfish and may be jerks, but we are there to help others. I have been taught much from my friends and family. I have learned music, manners, I’ve learned language, math, physical education, and the list goes on. Other people taught me these skills. Humans as a group thrive with others around them. For instance, to start a city you can’t just have 1 person; you have to have a group.

I have learned many of life’s lessons from my friends. I have had good friends that teach me lessons the easy way, and I have had bad friends in which I learn lessons the hard way. I have gained a role model. He taught me about music, and about good friends. From him I was introduced to more amazing people that care about others and want to help. He is what I want to be like when I grow up. He has relied on people through his lifetime and I have too. I believe in togetherness. Humans have accomplished amazing feats. For example, the great wall of China, and equality among men in the U.S. We have survived through hardships, like 2 world wars, natural disasters, etc.

From 1 person I have been introduced to many, I have been introduced to companies that are changing the world. There are people helping the poor get out of poverty and showing them the light. My grandmother and my cousin go out every week and feed the hungry every week. Parents aren’t just around to punish you, they teach you skills that will help you excel in life and then you can pass those on. Its an endless cycle I believe that people are on this earth to help others.