Always Buy the Donut With Cream

Desiree - Peoria, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Always Buy the Donut Filled With Cream.

I believe in always buying the donut filled with cream. If I find myself depressed, sad, or my day has gone from bad, to worse, to more worse I raid the ‘fridge or pantry for some comfort food, preferably chocolate. If only there was some chocolate donuts with cream! Something about the chocolate icing on a blissful golden brown donut with a soft, chewy vanilla filled center is the perfect recipe for curing that bad day gone worse.

If I find that I have no donuts already at home (this is usually the case) I drive down to the nearest Duncan Donut’s and buy a chocolate, cream filled donut; more commonly known as the Boston Cream. I then promptly ride home and put it in the freezer. Yes, the freezer, not the ‘fridge. I set the microwave timer for approximately seven minutes. During these seven minutes I become quite anxious. I want that donut!! Normally I can find something to do while I’m waiting, but there are times when there is simply nothing to do. So I sit, iPod buds in my ears trying to involve myself in the current song and trying not to think of that delicious Boston Cream. Finally, after what seems like hours I take it out, savoring its coolness. Putting off the moment when I actually bite into the delicious treat, I stare, waiting for just the right moment to bite.

Then, Finally when the moment is just right, I strike, teeth surrounded by a chocolate, cream filled heaven. I savor the taste, chewing slowly, then finally – swallowing. Bite after bite, it keeps getting better. I continue this ritual until my fingers are covered with icing and there is no more donut to eat, my craving satisfied and I my

day is no longer a bad one.

It’s always best to look at life with the bottle half-full. No matter what the donut with cream will always taste better than the poor, unfortunate donut that is cream deprived. If I always looked at life with the bottles half-full there would be no need for a chocolate donut filled with cream.

But where is the fun in that?