I believe

matt - glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

Nearly all of the six billion people on the planet have a passion that they love to pursue. Most people however, do not obtain the strength and courage to follow their passion throughout their lifetime. Most of us lose hope and faith somewhere along the road because we hit a large obstacle.

As we go through life, experiences make us who we are, and shape our personalities. Football has been a hobby of mine for many years. It is a sport that I love to play, because it comes very easily to me and I am extremely good at it. However, the road to where I stand now was definitely a rocky one. Football was not easy for me to play throughout my life, specifically freshmen year. That year, was possibly the worst year of my life for many specific reasons, most pertaining to football. I went in to my freshmen year of football thinking that I was a great athlete and possibly going to be a star on the team. I had this attitude because of the fact that I was a stud on my pop warner team the year before. To my disliking, this year was very unlike the previous years before it. I was the fourth string receiver that year, and was only put in the game when we were running the ball. Freshmen year was a whole new experience, one that opened my eyes to a new world. It made me realize just how much work I needed to put in to be the best. I will be the first to admit that at many times I thought about quitting, and giving up on football altogether. Although it was an extremely difficult point in my life, I stuck with it hoping that things would get better. Fortunately for me, things did get better, much better. I put in hours and hours of camps and practices to get to the point that I am at now, a point that I am finally proud of, which is a starting receiver on the varsity football team. My aspirations of playing football after high school have finally been reborn, and I have myself to thank for it. This is why hope should never be lost, this proves that any obstacle, now matter how big, can be overcome.

With having a great passion, comes the chance of having a great problem that must be solved. Obstacles are the reason that many of us give up on something that we carry joy in. Many people just simply do not believe that they can overcome some feats, so they throw in the towel and move on. I believe that dreams are born every day, and people need to stand up for what they believe in, and fight for what they love. The key to overcoming is mental strength and will power. If you believe in yourself, and put forth they effort, anything can be achieved.