Tipping Big

Darin - Phoenix, AZ, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It had been barely five minutes before the lady two tables away started shouting for her drinks. The waiter scrambled from table to table trying to please the needs of all his customers, but this lady managed to find something to complain about every time he walked by. First, it was her soup not being hot enough. Then, her steak was medium instead of medium rare. She seemed determined to let those around her know of her displeasure. Having worked in a restaurant, I know how difficult it can be so I make sure I’m polite to all restaurant workers.

What you have to understand is that you are not the only person in the restaurant and your server has to keep track of more than just you. They are bound to make a mistake eventually. Everyone has those days where your head is not at the right place. Next time you feel you are about to go off on a rant about how you asked for sauce on the side or why you have pickles in your burger when you specifically asked for none, stop and think if you could have done their job better. What’s even worse is that it was the kitchen who gave you French fries instead of mashed potatoes and you’re shouting at the wrong person. Personally, I kind of like it when one of my orders is forgotten or they bring out the wrong dish. It is almost always accompanied by and nice discount or a delicious dessert. Being polite goes a long way. People remember the type of customer you are and act accordingly. There were people who my co-workers and I knew were obnoxious and never tipped well and we dreaded serving them. On the other hand, some customers can be very enjoyable and gracious, and that is the type of person I try to be.

One thing that I never forget is to leave a good tip. Most waiters do not receive very much from their hourly wage and rely heavily on the tips. Waiters remember if you are a good tipper and if they know more money is in store of them, they can’t help but be a little more focused on you.

Waiters are too often mistreated by their customers and they deserve more respect. It is frustrating to have customers yell at you and complain about everything, but then see them back again and again. It is also upsetting to watch people yell at their server. I am urged to go up to them and tell them how hard they job can be and they should cut him some slack. Next time you walk into an Olive Garden and your server brings you a Dr. Pepper instead of the Coke, just remember, stay cool and tip big!