Master Equation

Kathryn - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has things they wish to accomplish within their lifespan but as people get older they began to doubt whether the goals they set for themselves are achievable. This is a mistake; people should never give up on their aspirations. With determination any obstacle can be obliterated and any goal met. For me that obstacle was learning to love reading.

I believe that people should always try no matter how grim the odds. In the end what determines the difference between successful people and failures is the amount of effort they put into their objective. The amount of labor someone puts into a goal relates directly to how much success they will have at obtaining it.

When I was younger I could hardly read. In fact I hated it and would avoid it at all costs. But my parents insisted that I continue trying. They would force me to read for 60 minutes every single day, and though at the time I despised them for it, it worked. I love to read now, something that when I was younger I would have bet my life was impossible.

If people are determined they can stand up to any form of resistance and accomplish whatever they desire. The problem with the world today is that people hold faulty notions that there is a limit to their abilities. That is just plain wrong. If my parents and I had believed that where would I be today? Reading is a building block necessary to reaching any substantial level of education, and without it I could never have become what I am today, a young, successful, college bound adolescent.

All people have their own ideas about what the future has in store for them. As children they all built these magnanimous dreams and hopes but as they reach adulthood these fragile aspirations and tentative plans begin to crumble under the strain of real world pressures.

Everyone faces difficult complications throughout their lives. I have learned from my experiences that I can achieve anything if I am willing to put in the effort. This principle has guided me through my adolescent years faithfully. No matter how difficult a situation or how distant a goal I have always been able to overcome it. As I enter college I will keep this essential principle at the forefront of my thoughts, my success or failure in life will be in direct proportion to how much work I put into reaching my goals and achieving my ambitions. It is simple math.