Momma Knows Best

Stephan - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in working hard to achieve what I want out of life. It’s only logical that what I put into life will be equal to what I’ll get out. I was born with that belief, but this belief has also been reinforced by the story of my mother’s transition from innocent teenager to hard nosed, tenacious adult.

During my mom’s last two years of high school, she had the normal pressures of a high school student. However, she also had an anvil above her head that she loved but could also crush her. This anvil was her family.

My mom’s dad died when she was thirteen. This left my grandmother to raise four kids with a job that didn’t nearly cover her expenses. This led my mom to get a job at Friday’s when she was sixteen to help out her struggling mother. Being a full time student and having a part time job with ludicrous hours took a great toll on my mom but she was determined to keep going for her family. Sometimes my mom would get three hours of sleep or less due to the fact that she had to do her school work after she got home from work. Despite this added pressure, my mom graduated from Springboro High School as salutatorian of her class. She then proceeded to take the next step in her life and attended the University of Dayton immediately following graduation.

At UD, my mom went for a civil engineering degree. It doesn’t sound all that difficult but at the time the profession was dominated by men. One of her professors even told her that she would not pass his class, but this didn’t even make my mom flinch. My mom worked to hard to care about what an idiot professor thought and she passed all of her classes while continuing to aid in the welfare of her family.

With degree in hand, my mom found a job at Woolpert, a civil engineering firm that was once located in downtown Dayton. My mom liked her job but cut her career short when my brother and I were born. Nearly seventeen years later my brother and I were trusted enough to take care of ourselves and my mom had gotten the working itch. She went looking for a job and was eagerly hired by O.D.O.T (Ohio Department of Transportation). She hardly mentioned leaving her profession for almost seventeen years mostly due to the fact that she worked like a bee in summertime to catch up on all the information she had missed while a stay-at-home mom. She currently still has her job at O.D.O.T and is now one of the top engineers in her department.

My mom is a perfect example of how hard work can propel you forward through this life. She was dealt a terrible start to her life, but through hard work and determination she has become one of the strongest and happiest people on this earth.