Just live life, one day at a time

Katherine - syracuse, New York
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

High school can be a difficult time for many students. For some, it is a more difficult time period than for others. In my opinion, sixteen is a very influential age in the maturing process of high school. One night when I was sixteen I was attending my friend’s birthday party which took place on a boat on the Hudson River. This was an out of the ordinary experience, so I was having a great time. Unfortunately though, when I returned home I was greeted with terribly news that my best friend Danielle had died in a tragic car accident. At that time, this was the most traumatic experience I had been through other than my parents divorce. Even though it is still difficult to discuss years later, it really taught me a lot about life and is a large part of who I am today. Most importantly this experience taught me to just live, one day at a time.

Currently, the only way for me to live is by taking one day at a time because unlike psychics’ beliefs, I feel as if no one can predict the future. Therefore, I try to just do what makes me happy day by day. Life will always throw curveballs, so I believe it’s best to be happy in the moment instead of focusing on what could be in future moments. However, before this experience I did not think this way. I used to be the typical Type A person who let all the little things bother me. But as I went through the grieving process and began looking around at the people I know, I recognized that the happiest people were the ones who did not sweat the small stuff. Ever since, I have continuously improved with letting things go and not worrying about little things such as not getting a perfect score on every test I take. This incident also reinforced the idea that people may be there one day and leave you the next whether by passing away, ending a relationship, or whatever the situation may be. For that reason, it is an extremely important belief of mine to tell the people I love that I love them while I still have the chance and always appreciate what I have.

Overall, each day I just try to live in the moment and deal with each situation as it comes my way. Everyone is going to make mistakes, but I believe it is best to learn from the errors in your past, live for the happiness of today, and hope for the most successful tomorrow you can achieve. Therefore, I keep my priorities straight, am ambitious, and accept the curveballs life throws my way because life is nothing without love or passion and losing sight of that can cause one’s greatest downfalls. So, just live life, one day at a time.