I believe in Sacrifice

Alice - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on August 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Last Sunday, I attended church. I carefully listened to the priest’s words. He asked us why are we on this planet? Why do we wake up everyday? What is our purpose in life? He said that we are here to be servants; servants to love, compassion, and sacrifice. Our challenge is to not let our ego bring out its face and not be selfish. Sacrifice brings a greater reward than anything, even better than what you had to give up for your loved one. Sacrifice means reason; it shows why we are put on this earth.

I have sacrificed little things as well as important ones. I had to give up dance. Dance has been a part of my life ever since I could walk. When my parents would work a lot, I would hardly see their faces and I had to take care of my brother. I had to pick him up from school, make dinner, help with homework and I had to clean. I did not have time for dance. I had been working for about a year and had saved up money to buy a car. One day, a family friend of mine explained how she got fired from work and had kids to take care of while she was divorcing her husband. I saw her tears falling down and heard her cry out for help even though there was no sound. I gave all my money to her so it can help her pay her bills for a while. My personal experiences don’t come near the ones I’ve heard of. My grandpa got out of school at the age of seven to work. His family needed money so he never got a proper education or a well paying job. It affected his whole life. My grandma got out of school at the age of eight. Her mom was never home and she was forced to clean, cook, and take care of her baby sister at the age of eight! But, she was never rewarded; she never got a birthday party growing up, never received presents, and never received a new dress to wear. My grandma said that life would’ve been very unstable for her family members if she refused to help out. To my grandma, helping her family was the greatest gift of all even though she gave up her childhood.

Sacrifice is power. It does not take effort to be bossy, selfish, or greedy. Those are the easiest things to do. Sacrifice takes hard mental and sometimes physical work. Sacrifice is the reason of life. It brings the elements of life together; love, compassion, empathy, and much more. Not everyone is strong enough to give up things dear to them, but that’s what makes its effects so powerful. I believe in sacrifice-letting go of something dear to you for the sake of loved ones. I believe in sacrifice because it brings out our purpose in life.